Webinar session: feedback from the survey

On January 18th and 20th, the Communities of Practice organized two webinars (one in English, one in French) on the topic of ‘Scaling up Performance Based Financing’. In the follow-up, we organized an online survey. You were 119 to answer our questionnaire. It is  thanks to your feedback that the learning organization that we are will be able to improve the future editions…

Here is what emerged from our investigation.

By Joël Arthur Kiendrébéogo and Valérie Dossogne

The following analysis focuses on the 37 respondents to the questionnaire related to the English session (January 20th). Of these, 56,8% were male (vs 77% for the French version). 

Twenty-one countries, including 11 African countries, were represented.

Although almost one in five respondents did not participate to the webinar (because of a last-minute impediment), 100% of those who actually participated – and who for the most part did not meet with any technical concerns when joining the session – said they would recommend webinars to a friend and would be willing to participate to the future editions.

As for the content of the session and the performance of the speakers, we were pleased to see that they have largely met the expectations of the participants, even if 1 participant out of 8 would have liked a longer presentation. We take this observation as an encouragement and will not fail to tire you further in the next editions!

Our ambition is of course to change over the next few months the statistic that reveals that almost 45% of the respondents did not register for a reason of availability. That is why we have, for the next edition, chose the time that best suited to a majority of you. Our next session will take place tomorrow, on Thursday May 11th. Register now!

To learn more about our sessions or submit suggestions for upcoming webinars,
write to jarkien@gmail.com

Please find here the analysis of the answers to the
18th and 20th January webinars surveys (only in French).

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