CH-CoP’s first steps at a glance

By Rachael Tembo

Dear experts,

We are excited to inform you that the CH-CoP membership is growing everyday, many thanks to all those who have joined us so far.

We are glad to present to you our 1st quarter performance report. For this first performance report, we have focused on our membership – building it was indeed our first objective at this launching stage. We are super happy with the massive interest received by the CoP. You will see that our membership is very well balanced. Gathering knowledge holders from different ‘niches’ on one common platform can be a major contribution of our CoP. Already, we have 127 members from 37 countries and more members are still joining.

Have a look at our infographics* (hover your mouse over it for more details) and feel encouraged to invite other experts to join the CoP!

Together, we can make a difference in Community Health…

* Data from 17 March



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