Situating community within the health system: approach to evidence (webinar)


This webinar is the 3rd of a series organised by the ‘Community Health’ CoP*

In a health system, social and community networks forms an integral part in decision-making and accessing health services. The first speaker in this webinar will highlight what can be learned from the fields of community participation, its capability and caveats involved in community health systems. Providing country specific experience the next speaker will define social capital and describe how it can be used as a resource to improve community health in the context of India’s maternal and child health outcomes. With a case study from Zambia, the final speaker will contextualise how Community Health Assistants negotiate and navigate their way and gain acceptability in the community health system to deliver sexual and reproductive health services.

The practitioners, researchers, policy and program managers who are working closely with community health system can gain form the three speaker’s rich experience in situating community and social networks while assessing, designing and implementing interventions.


  • Prof Asha George – Community health systems: Key principles and caveats;
  • Dr. William Story – Social capital and the utilization of maternal and child health services: Evidence from India;
  • Dr. Joseph Zulu – Community health assistant driven sexual and reproductive health services in the community health system in Zambia: Integration and process.


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The speakers:

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