Best wishes


2016 was a busy year for our community. Within one year only, we have come a long way. We have converted a crazy idea into a fully functional platform. This was done in several steps. First, we produced a beta version of Collectivity. Second, we tested it… relentlessly. These tests in real situations, we have done them with a hundred of you. It is thanks to your feedbacks that we have been able to produce this new version of Collectivity.

We hope that you enjoy the new design and features of the platform. The user experience (the ‘UX’ as they say in the startup industry) has been substantially improved. We have also added new functionalities. For instance, the expert can now put much more information in his/her profile. As a reminder, the more information you provide, the more likely our partners will accept you in one of their projects.

Our ambition is to have, by the end of 2017, a full proof of concept. We want to demonstrate the unique contribution of Collectivity to knowledge management at global level. This demonstration will be done thanks to new collaborative projects – some really ambitious. These projects will also lead us to invite more experts to join our community. We aim for a growth in stages.

Actually, you are just discovering one of our new tools to communicate with all of you but also the ‘outside world’. This blog will become our main channel to communicate about Collectivity projects and our vision. Note that this is just the beta version of the blog: in a few weeks, its lay-out will change.

Our first wish for 2017 is to our Collectivity community and our communities of practice: let’s make sure that this year allows us to contribute, in a meaningful manner, to collective intelligence in global health. We hope that Collectivity will meet your expectations and will pair with all the projects which will mobilize us all the yearlong. We wish you a great year, full of exciting challenges and great achievements. More than ever, the world needs you.

Thanks for your support

The Collectivity Team

ps: the illustration for this blogpost is our testimony to the coalition of actors which has just given to the World an Ebola vaccine.



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