Updating your PBF program with new evidence on effective interventions: watch our webinar!


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Thanks to the work of the global scientific community, the body of evidence on effective and cost-effective health interventions is regularly updated. A key feature of PBF/P4P programs is that one can introduce new indicators, remove redundant ones and thus generally adapt the reward structure on the basis of new evidence at global and country levels. In an ideal “strategic purchasing” system, such updating of interventions of focus would be done regularly. In practice however, this does not seem to be done enough. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is the gold standard of cost effectiveness assessment for countries to ensure allocative efficiency of health budget and therefore strategic purchasing of key interventions and services. 

In Januari, an online seminar was organized by the thematic group on PBF/HTA as part of the Collectivity Strategic Purchasing initiative jointly led by WHO, the PBF CoP and the Financial Access to Health Services CoP.
This webinar session focuses on lessons from HTA and explores how it could be integrated in the PBF framework for incorporating new cost-effectiveness evidence into indicator development.
Laura Downey (Imperial College London) shares the iDSI experience with Health Technology Assessment. Her intervention is followed by a discussion by Dr Olivier Basenya (Ministry of Health, Burundi) and Prof. Bruno Meessen (ITM, Antwerp). The whole webinar was facilitated by Dr Joël Arthur Kiendrébéogo (Centre Muraz, Burkina Faso). The webinar presentation and slides are English.
Like all other Collectivity webinars, this session is now available on our YouTube channel.

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The speakers:

Laura Downey Olivier Basenya Joël Arthue Kiendrébéogo Bruno Meessen

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