Governance: The trouble with building blocks – Our webinar is online!

This webinar was the first in a series on Health Systems Governance Frameworks and Missing Links, organized by the Health Systems Governance Collaborative in cooperation with different partners.

Did you miss it? No panic: you can now watch it here! Take the occasion to subscribe to the Collectivity YouTube channel: you will find there all our webinars!

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Seye started by indicating how frameworks treating governance in terms of separate building blocks have not served governance research and implementation well. In the second part of the presentation, he took a deep dive into various ways in which governance is being discussed/framed in Health Systems Policy Research and discuss their pros and cons. In the last part of the talk, he opened up the debate to the question whether and how to move beyond the current ‘building block’ ways of thinking governance in HSPR. He illustrated his point with cases like governance of primary health care.


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